How The Fear Of Death Drives Us And What We Can Do About It
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Blurb: Is There Life After Death? Death is terrifying. We try to live as long as possible while hoping that science will soon find a way to allow us to live, if not forever, then at least a very long time. Whether we deny our mortality though literal or symbolic immortality or try to turn death into something benign, our attempts are usually unsuccessful. No matter what our view of the afterlife, in the end, our realization that we cannot escape death often leads to a midlife crisis. But what if the real solution is not in denying death’s reality, but embracing it? Clay Jones, a professor of Christian apologetics, examines the various ways people face death and how our “immortality projects” are largely unsuccessful, even destructive. Along the way, he points to the hope of the only true immortality available to all. When you fully grasp the glory that can await you in eternity, you will understand God already offers a path to our hearts’ deepest longing: glorious resurrection to eternal life.

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