Gods Power For Today (365 Day Devotional)
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Excerpt: January 1
When you get a promise from God, it is worth just as much as a fulfillment. You only need to honor Him by trusting the promise and obeying Him. God knows about any preparation that you still need. If there is anything that you need to understand, He will lead you to understand it, if you count on Him to do this. Do not look to what others say or to what you think and understand. Look to God, and expect God to do something.

The true taking away of sin is this: if the light comes in, the darkness is expelled. It is the presence of Jesus indwelling in us by the Holy Spirit that can make us holy. The Spirit did everything on the Day of Pentecost and afterwards. It was the Spirit who gave the boldness, the wisdom, the message, and the converting power.

Let everyone who longs for the blessing of the Spirit take these four little sayings as steps: I must be filled; I may be filled; I would be filled; I will be filled.

What is obedience? It is giving up my will to the will of another. Christ said, "Not my will, but thine, be done" (Luke 22:42). Jesus gave up His life to God, and by this He taught us that the only thing that life is worth living for is to give it back to God, even unto death.

Christ never could have ascended to sit upon the throne, never could have accomplished His work of preparing the kingdom so that He could give it to the Father, if He had not begun by giving up Himself and letting God do all.
Blurb: A 365-Day Devotional

Collected from the works of Andrew Murray, these passages offer spiritual nourishment for each day of the year. Providing believers with the inspiration to grow closer to God, these devotions also show how to proclaim the Gospel boldly, abide in Christ, know the Holy Spirit, live a holy life, obtain a strong faith, understand biblical humility, and obtain the peace of Christ. The writings of Andrew Murray have stirred the hearts of millions of Christians. Through the well-loved passages contained in this book, you will receive power to live for Christ daily.

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